Past Events in 2015 at the Sanctuary

Therianthrope: March 25th

Out Here: March 26th

Leon Atkinson: March 29th

Moody Little Sister: May 1st

Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness: May 23rd

Ky Burt Acoustic with Melanie Jean: May 29th

Max's Midnight Kitchen: June 5th

Steep Ravine: June 12th

Miss Diandra Fog and Kismet & the Lost Boy: June 20th

Alan Kelly & Steph Geremia: June 24th

Bad Luck & Jonathon Kipp, Ginny Rider: June 29th

Bristle: July 3rd

BIG & little, art show April 10th - July 10th

The Bottom Dwellers: July 10th

Rebecca Lomnicky and David Brewer: July 24th

Andrew Weathers Ensemble: July 25th

Quinn Deveaux & Belles of the Levee: Saturday, August 15th

Lyndsey Battle, John Ludington, Be Brave Bold Robot: Sunday, August 16th

Gareth Dickson & Mr. Pirtle: August 28th

Ashley Raines & Mike O'Hehir: September 6th

Roselit Bone & Moon Pine: September 24th

Max's Midnight Kitchen & Timber Ridge Boys: September 30th

Dialectical Imagination & .Jonathan Kipp.: October 8th

Wiener Kids: October 12th

Fretless: October 14th

Jimmy Grant Ensemble & Belles of the Levee: October 24th

Weather Report - Jerry Martien: November 5th

November to Remember: November 7th

Thad Beckman: November 13th

Mushroom Workshop & Live Cooking Show: November 14th

DBL KARL: October 9th to November 30th

Johnny Young Trio: December 17th

Card Show: December 2015


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