Past Events at the Sanctuary

Similar Fashion: January 23rd

John Elliott & Midnight Band Practice: February 13th

The Westerlies: February 20th

Brumes: February 26th

La Musique Diabolique: March 4th

WAXAHATCHEE with Briana Marela: March 9th

January & February 2016 Art Exhibit at the Sanctuary

An Evening of Old Time at the Sanctuary: March 23rd

Happy Birthday Joseph Campbell: March 26th

Arrington de Dionyso/Christian Pincock/Liquid Letters and REAK film screening: March 31st

Johanna Warren & Eleanor Murray: April 17th

Nick Jaina & Max's Midnight Kitchen: April 20th

Joanne Rand: April 29th

March & April 2016 Art Exhibit: Tripper Dungan's UFO Cult and Dear Friend

Silver Ochre & Jonathan Kipp: May 15th

BPBS Arts Presents - Dreams: June 10th

Mirah: June 17th

Summer at the Sanctuary: June 18th

Three Leg Torso: June 26th

Dance Hall Days by Gina Tuzzi: May & June 2016

Andrew Weathers Ensemble: July 16th

Hazel Ra & Johnny Houx: July 22nd

Michael Hurley & Daniel Nickeron: July 30th

Worlds Finest Apples & Intuitive Compass: August 19th

The Secret Life of Spantsa: August 26th

Beaucoup Chapeaux: September 8th

9 Stories & Northern California Elegy

Similar Fashion // The Crenshaw // Choir of the Deep: September 24th

Selector Dub Narcotic // Hartle Road: September 30th

100th Birthday Party: October 8th

Cintia Santana & Jenny Mary Brown: October 22nd

Moon Pine & Strix Vega: October 28th

Liana Gabel & Max's Midnight Kitchen: November 11th

Amde Hamilton & Jerry Martien: November 12th

My Bubba: November 18th

Tellebration: November 19th


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