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Who ?

Really, it's all about you. When you come through our door, we want to offer a creative sanctuary. A place where you can grow, create, and build, not just physical things, but memories, and experiences.

To do all this we are working to provide supplies and spaces dedicated to creation. From our printmaking labs, textile supplies, ceramics studio, and metal works (just to name a few), we are working to be a place of inspiration and exploration. Do you have a desire to learn how to weld? Or have a sewing project in mind but no experience, then please, come to our door, ask questions, read a book, and get involved.

Everything above happens downstairs. But upstairs, we are working on the same principles. As a venue for transitory art shows, and frequent music performances we showcase examples of creativity. We fill our great hall with booming vocals, and vivid imagery. Bluegrass, zydeco, ethereal, ambient, solo, multi-piece, tight, unbound, exploratory - all in this space we are working to create. To expand what you know, and hear, come to a show, feel welcomed, comfortable, and ready to encounter the beauty that is in front of you, and to see that within yourself.

We are all artists, some with pens, brushes, string-plucking fingers, pedal-operating feet, working to find our way. With support we can go further than without. We are all that is above, plus a thousand more things.

Please; come, experience, enjoy, be inspired, and grow.

Non-Profit Status

the Sanctuary Arcata is an ongoing, ever evolving project of Creative Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Arcata, CA. The mission of Creative Sanctuary is to inspire creative growth through artful living. We encourage people to teach, inspire and know each other. If you would like to know more about our Board of Directors, Corporate Officers, etc. please follow this link. read more ➤

We would like to thank:

This project could not have been accomplished without help from the following and more.


Humboldt Area Foundation

Footprint Foundation

Humboldt Folklife Society

Breakfast All day Collective

Food For People

Open Door Clinic


the Sanctuary Coat of Arms

Businesses that deserve support for supporting us.

Tom O'Gorman at Trinity River Farm in Willow Creek
Tad and Alisha at BlackJack
Robert Arena at Bug Press
Bonnie at Arcata Scrap and Salvage
Paradise Cay
Rachael Londer at Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Lynn Jones at Just My Type
Kristen Radecsky at Schatz Energy Lab
Merrick McKinley at La Dolce Video
Al and Carlotta Clark of Blackberry Bramble BBQ
Pepe at Deep Seeded Farms
Patricia Anne Sennott
Brett Schuler
Michael Walker of M Walker Guitars
Jill MacDonald at Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty
Bob Lawton at Humboldt Mortgage
Ecover Soap
Wildwood Music
Barbie Turbaugh at Umpqua Bank
Belem and Gary Michael at Pachanga
David and Jackie at the Arcata Playhouse
all the Djs at KHSU who announce our shows

people who continue to inspire us to continue this endeavor

Jody Denberg Brooks and Carolyn Otis Sean Pitney Mark Collins
Laura Kadlecik Nova and Ella Baur Mike Wilson Danise and Bill Tomlin
Jim Silva Carissa Clark Jeff Kinzer Evan Johnson
Rachel Robinson Lora Martin Jonathan Kipp Russ Cole
Tim Gray* Max Garcia Jessica Arnold Lauren Kinney*
Cyrus Smith Juliette Bohn John Chapman Craig Mooslin
Ruth Jensen Jeremiah James Kloor Pete Martin
Thos Sullivan Rex and Chloe Gott Geraldine Goldberg Sue Kimpel
Andy Sehic Mark Dubrow Kym Watts Bob Doran
Nancy Aaron Lubitz Eusebio Lozano* David and Sara Belknap
Kathryn Farnsworth Emmet Bowman Anthony Willoughby Arevalo
Brice Luke Forsyth* John Elliott* Roshan Gambin
Ben Belknap* Joanne McGarry* Amy Jester and Humboldt Area Foundation* Cooper Goldman
Alison Kinney Ga Rick Lee Malini Kannan Zo Devine
David Shane Duke Nick Orozco Mikael Kirkman Summer McCall
Sam Miller Bill Ryder* Raphaelle Butler Marianne Brown*
Anna Schneider Katy Warner* Natalie Williams

* denotes link to contributors' website

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the Sanctuary is dedicated to creative growth through artful living. We encourage people to teach, inspire and know each other.