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Welcome to the Sanctuary

We are committed to creative growth through the arts and engendering a spirit of community. This is a grassroots experiment in sharing. Follow the link below to read more about us.

About Us
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Check out the link to the calendar below to see upcoming shows, workshops and events happening at the Sanctuary.

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Sewing Night

Come the second Sunday of the month from 6pm to 9pm for sewing & mending night.

Suggested donation of $5 - $20

Call Debbie with questions

See you there!

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Open Lab

Our open lab hours are

12 pm to 6:00 pm.

See the link below for more information.

Open Lab Brochure

Upcoming Events at the Sanctuary

Friday, May 26th - Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers, Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness, and Bart Budwig's Amperband

Presenting three different acts all in the spirit of American roots music, Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers, Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness, and Bart Budwig's Amperband. We'll be starting slightly earlier than normal at 7:30, and opening up part of the Great Hall for dancing.

Kenny Ray and the Might Rovers

Kenny Ray and the Might Rovers are local swing legends, and can be found making people dance every month during Arts Alive at the Humboldt Coffee Roasting Co.

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Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness

Caitlin Jemma is a small-town girl with a big country heart. Raised in the high desert of Northern Nevada, her songwriting is influenced by a sense of adventure, reverie, and discovery. With a sound tempered by country and delivered with soul, Caitlin Jemma brings a wholesome and enlivened energy to the deep-rooted traditions of storytelling folk. Jemma’s sweet and salty twang has earned comparisons to a young Iris Dement, with echoes of Gillian Welch & Valerie June.

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Bart Budwig

Bart Budwig grew up on the Idaho Palouse, with a pawn shop trumpet and a heart as big as a skyscraper - if skyscrapers knew how to be humble. Bart learned melody from classic jazz charts and found that fault-lines in big hearts create drifting continents, cut new oceans and forge new mountains. Eventually, everyone close to him disappeared, whether to death or Texas, and it was from Texas that he got a letter from Waylon Jennings inviting him to pick up a guitar and a pen.

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Tuesday, May 30th - Ali Dineen, along with local legends the Comix Strip

An evening of songs, stories, and sights, featuring the New York based artist and musician Ali Dineen, along with local legends the Comix Strip. Both groups of artists utilize unique visual elements in their performances, Ali with "crankies," hand-cranked picture scrolls, and the Comix Trip with the use of an overhead projector to magnify Violet Crabtree's whimsical illustrations. Come enjoy this family-friendly group of great performance artists.

Ali Dineen

Ali Dineen is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She performs original acoustic folk music, as well as songs from U.S. folk traditions, and incorporates historical and sociopolitical commentary into her shows. Her music is personal and also political, and explores the intersections of personal stories with larger histories.

Ali performs regularly in New York City and has toured with different bands and Bread and Puppet Theater. She also teaches lessons and music classes to people ages 3 months and up. She is a DIY printmaker specializing in oil-based linoleum block prints, and offers beginning printmaking workshops and small-scale production. Ali will be performing original and traditional music with collaborator Hannah Sassoon, accompanying on cello and violin.

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The ComiX Trip

The ComiX Trip uses an overhead projector and live sound effects to tell the comic book stories that are projected. These stories range from science fiction to ghost stories, but are always whimsical and fun, and ok for kids (ages 6 to 106). Mrs. Crabtree is the cartoonist and storyteller, and you might even learn a few science facts in her fantasy classroom.

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Sanctuary Summer CSA: June - September

Artists are like farmers. Given time, space, resources, and a hospitable climate, they will produce things that bring health and happiness to others. In order to sustain this mutually beneficial connection between artists and audiences, we are creating a Sanctuary CSA, which stands for Community Supported Art.

Through the purchase of a Summer CSA share, subscribers will receive four monthly offerings between June and September, each consisting of artwork made at the Sanctuary. The money generated will pay the artists for their time, materials and labor, as well as subsidize the costs of the Sanctuary.

Subscriber's have the option of local pickup or of receiving their shares as packages in the mail. Local shares are $100, and pickup will be available at the Sanctuary every 2nd Friday from 6-9pm during Arts Arcata, or during Open Lab hours every Saturday from 12-6pm. Mail shares are $125, and will be sent out the 2nd Friday of each month.

This summer's participating artists have a variety of different artistic backgrounds, but share in common that they use the Sanctuary as their primary studio space, and work as part of the staff that keeps the Sanctuary ship afloat.

Daniel Nickerson (Music Director/Program Coordinator/Resident) is a musician, artist, and writer whose work often finds its final home in the form of books, posters, CDs, and tapes which are reproduced in small editions and circulated among friends. Illustrations, words, and recordings mix together to tell stories and inspire creativity in others.

Rory Cullifer (Art Director/Resident) is a craftsman of many sorts whose long time passion has been ceramics. Each individual piece shows his love of lore, built to fill the heart, a visual metaphor for easing the mind.

Natalie Williams (Open Lab Director/Resident) is a visual artist who fulfills her creativity in working with community members as an art teacher and facilitator, and in the ceramics, painting, and printmaking studios of the Sanctuary and beyond. Her work is inspired by children, "children's" stories, dreams, weather, clouds, seasons, animals, poetry, music, mountains, and the sea.

CSA Share Options

Current Art Exhibit at the Sanctuary

Subjective Realities

The Sanctuary Arcata presents, “Subjective Realities”, a group exhibition of sculptural works by Benjamin Funke and sculpture students from College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University.

On display will be the work of 18 artists who are exploring three-dimensional design across a wide range of media. A reception for the artists will be on May 12th during Arts Arcata and the show will continue through the end of June.

Participating Artists:

Benjamin Funke   Sam Harvey
Julie Fleck   Andrew Soto
Shane Donaldson   Kody Barnes
Colette Beaupre   Carissa Lillian Clark
William Conn   Erin Flyer
Craig Howarth   Anaïs Austin
Hannah Benini   Meyer Thompson
Erin Urbanus   Nick Hemphill
Jillian Rammell   Michael Rude

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