Friday, May 26th - Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers, Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness, and Bart Budwig's Amperband

Presenting three different acts all in the spirit of American roots music, Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers, Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness, and Bart Budwig's Amperband. We'll be starting slightly earlier than normal at 7:30, and opening up part of the Great Hall for dancing.

Kenny Ray and the Might Rovers

Kenny Ray and the Might Rovers are local swing legends, and can be found making people dance every month during Arts Alive at the Humboldt Coffee Roasting Co.

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Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness

Caitlin Jemma is a small-town girl with a big country heart. Raised in the high desert of Northern Nevada, her songwriting is influenced by a sense of adventure, reverie, and discovery. With a sound tempered by country and delivered with soul, Caitlin Jemma brings a wholesome and enlivened energy to the deep-rooted traditions of storytelling folk. Jemma’s sweet and salty twang has earned comparisons to a young Iris Dement, with echoes of Gillian Welch & Valerie June.

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Bart Budwig

Bart Budwig grew up on the Idaho Palouse, with a pawn shop trumpet and a heart as big as a skyscraper - if skyscrapers knew how to be humble. Bart learned melody from classic jazz charts and found that fault-lines in big hearts create drifting continents, cut new oceans and forge new mountains. Eventually, everyone close to him disappeared, whether to death or Texas, and it was from Texas that he got a letter from Waylon Jennings inviting him to pick up a guitar and a pen.

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