Theatre Specifications:

  • Great hall seats 90 with moveable pews
  • Stage is trapezoidal: 8' deep, 17' wide in front, 6' wide in rear
  • Optional fireside arrangement for more intimate or acoustic performances

Sound equipment:

  • Two house speakers (Bose 802s powered) and a powered Bose subwoofer
  • Two monitors with QSC USA1310 amplifiers
  • 32 channel Yamaha board
  • Two ART XL231 EQs
  • PreSonus ACP88 eight channel compressor/limiter with noise gates
  • CD/DVD playback deck
  • Six microphone stands (four boom and two straight)
  • Six microphones (two Shure PG58s, two Shure SM58s, AKG C1000S, audio technica 220XL)
  • Two DI boxes (CBI DBGL Pro)
  • Microphone snake with 24 inputs
  • ACER video projector & 7’ screen


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