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Bob Wertheimer in the Gallery
by Artists

Bob Werthiemer
//I have my own tent//

on exhibition in the gallery

We are delighted to display new works by local artist Bob Werthiemer in the gallery for the month of October.  To schedule a viewing, please email
Artist statement:
My name is Bob, and making art is my job.
I like to go camping with my brothers and sisters.
I like to watch the colors and shapes in the campfire.
And I like to smell the food while it’s cooking.
We have steaks, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob,
cauliflower, and lemon pie for dessert.
I think of food when I make my sculptures.
I have my own tent, and I like to sleep in it.
I play Uno with my cousins and
it is fun!
I take walks in the redwoods.
I like to go to the beach with my friend, Darren.
I remember those times in my drawings.
I sit on the sand and watch the waves.


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