Three Cheers for the Footprint Foundation!

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Good morning folks.  We excitedly share the recent news of an unsolicited end-of-year gift of $10,000 from the generous Footprint Foundation.   This unrestricted gift will provide much relief to the Sanctuary. Thank you Jessica and John and everyone at the Footprint Foundation from everyone at the Sanctuary.

The Footprint Foundation has been a regular financial contributor to the Sanctuary and has helped us to pay out over $18,000 to artists and collaborators in our community and is currently sponsoring our J Street Regulars Radio Hour.  I have eternal gratitude for all of our contributors.  If you would like to support us please go to our donate page.


Katie Belknap

Here are some of the kind words from the Footprint Foundation:  

“2020 has been an unpredictable and trying time. We at the Footprint Foundation are grateful for all of the ways you serve the North Coast region. Even in this uncertain and tumultuous time, you continue working to meet the needs of the community, your staff, and your own family and social circle. …

Lastly, given the weight we are all carrying, our Executive Director, Lisa Pickney, shared this beautiful poem titled “A Sweet Year of Struggle” by Aurora Levins Morales. I hope it provides you a bit of solace – just as the work you do provides solace to so many.

May we have a sweet year of struggle.

May we sing and hear our voices multiplied.

May we find the deep roots of courage in love

and feel it rise in us like sweet maple sap

simmered in the heat of this hard work,

the remaking of the world,

until joy sugars our days.

May we have a sweet year of struggle.

May our losses fertilize the fields

into a bumper crop of blossom.

May the squashes flower and bear rich fruit.

May tomatoes and melons blush into flavor.

May all we have suffered turn into soil.

May a million mushrooms rise

from the broken places, and make medicine

for our wounding.

May sunflowers clean the earth.

May we turn our faces to the sun

and let hard times ripen in us,

until we are bursting with juice,

until we are blackberries among the thorns.

May we have a sweet year of struggle.


Footprint recognizes all of the good that is in the hard work you do.”

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