Lunar New Year special tonight on the Radio Hour

Katy Warner/ February 12, 2021/ Uncategorized

Thank you to Natalie Williams for the animation!

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by 1.5 billion people across the world as a time for new beginnings and family gathering with themes of fortune, happiness and health.  The Sanctuary invites one and all to honor the first new moon of 2021 with them on February 12th with the debut of the Foliage of Feelings, an onsite community art installation.

The plywood tree trunk on the south side of the Sanctuary was first created for local artist Violet Crabtree’s film, the Fruit of Jonesy, where it was carried into the Sunny Brae forest with paper leaves and cardboard apples before making its way over.

Last fall, Sanctuary artist Katie Belknap solicited folks to send in well wishes for 2021 which were painted by other Sanctuary artists onto recycled “leaves” for the tree.  In populating the tree with shared dreams, may we come nearer to manifesting a more loving communal experience.

Katie will join James Zeller on his J St Regulars Radio Hour show celebrating the New Year and the Foliage of Feelings Friday night from 7-8pm on the front porch as weather allows.  A socially-distanced drive-by spring event, please wear your mask if you walk on by.  This project was funded by the Footprint Foundation.

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