Floating on air with Helena Williams

Katy Warner/ February 28, 2021/ Uncategorized

The Sanctuary is excited to collaborate with local artist Helena Williams as our newest artist in residence as well as intern through Trajectory and the Regional Center. Helena will be helping to design and install our next stage backdrop as well as make improvements to the art making spaces, walkway and gardens. Her humor and enthusiasm has been a refreshing treat and we hope to have her around for a long time.

Helena Williams Artist Statement

Art is what I enjoy doing the most. The bottom line is that making art is fun
and I can create something new. Through art, I can experience different
themes. My favorite subject changes from planes to outer space to
dwellings, like a house in a tree or a rock or earth house or an iridescent
house or a lighthouse or a dome with a lot of windows or an A-frame or a
house with a pitched roof with one side flat and the other side slanted or
strange-looking buildings.

In both my landscapes and my planet pictures, I use light to make the
landscape bright and the stars shine in the dark. When I make space
paintings, it is like I am in a different world. A lot of people never see places
like that, and I can share that with other people. When people see what
they have never seen before, they see something that is beautiful and
really cool looking and they think, “Wow, I never get to see something that
looks so especially cool like that.”

Here’s some of her work. More to come!

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