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          (from James Zeller’s sketch pad)

If you read the newsletter you will know that one of my favorite things is collaborating with you on fun creative projects.  Last time, I requested that folks take a walk in their neighborhood and send me a sentence about what they saw. 

The neighborhood walk song was my first time cowriting a song in this way with this many people and was interesting how the four sentences I received lent themselves to the AABA form and with overlapping themes.  “Out on A Walk,” was cowritten by Bingham Powell, Anna Thaler, Jim Silva, Ella Holiday, James Zeller, and yours truly, Katie Belknap.  Here it is…

Out on a Walk

Crescent moon floating above tree lined silhouette early morning bliss.

Rusty old bridge cradles me in the sky above mad shimmering water.

Tulips like candle flames and the youngest leaves in the world; a crow squawks, long and full of feeling, awkwardly auditioning to join a feathered chorus of melodious neighbors.

I saw trillium, snowy peaks, and a chicken parade.

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