Arcata Strategic Arts Plan Open Call for Pictures & Visual Art

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Dear Arcatans and Humboldtians, 

The City of Arcata’s Community Development Department is on the cusp of finishing a Strategic Arts Plan for (2021-2024) with the goals of supporting arts in our community equitably and sustainably. To see the full draft of the Plan click here. For it to be a document that really speaks, the department intends for it to include pictures and illustrations that reflect the breadth of the arts in Arcata.

The City of Arcata is seeking folks interested in collaborating with the Arcata Strategic Arts Plan (ASAP) by contributing images that highlight several of the ideas in the Plan. The city is collaborating with the Sanctuary to source submissions from the community. 

A team of curators will select 10 images from the submissions, and each selection will receive a $45 stipend for their contribution.  If you would like to participate, submit a scan or quality photo of an illustration or image inspired by one or more of these prompts:  

“A home for artists”

“Art as nourishment”

“People making art”

“Art in public”


“Art as knowledge”

“Children in the arts”


“Art and environmentalism”

“What “art” means to you”


Feel free to be literal, metaphorical, or anything otherwise/beyond!

Send your image to With your image, please include the prompt(s) or part of the ASAP you were inspired by as well as how you would like your submission to be credited in the Plan. Whether or not your image makes it into the final Strategic Arts Plan, all appropriate submissions will be displayed on the Sanctuary, Arcata Playhouse, and City of Arcata Community Development Department webpages following the approval of the Plan. For more information/questions, please call (707) 825-2100.


Due by: August 15th

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