We are nothing without the support of our dynamic studio artists and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please come by on a Saturday or email us at info@sanctuaryarcata.org.


The Sanctuary serves as primary studio for a number of local artists. Additionally these artists serve the Sanctuary as coordinators, volunteers, and mood makers. You can support these artists by subscribing to our Community Supported Art (CSA) program.

Casual Cafe

Once a season, the Sanctuary opens the Great Hall for a Sunday morning cafe, with coffee, tea, baked treats, and live music. This is a time for neighbors to catch up, for kids to build pillow forts, and for community groups to network and fund-raise. The 2020 Casual Cafe dates are to be announced as we expand our program to be on a monthly basis.

Please reach out to us at info@sanctuaryarcata.org if you are a community group interested in tabling at one of these events.

Touring Musicians

Every year we give lodging to dozens of touring musicians performing in house, at Outer Space, the Arcata Playhouse and beyond.  We are greatly rewarded by the energy shared by our guests and have developed lasting friendships and collaborators.


The Sanctuary acts as host and fiscal sponsor for various community-driven initiatives that further the goals of the organization and reach new groups of people. All of these projects were created by volunteers, passionate about community and what they could bring to both the Sanctuary and everyone here in Arcata. Along with the projects below, our other fiscal sponsorships include the Pacific Union Elementary school garden in Arcata.

Donation Dash

Donation Dash is a 5 day event that occurs annually at the end of the school year, when approximately 1600 students move out of the dorms at Humboldt State University. Donation Dash aims to reduce and divert waste accumulated during the move out by stationing various bins for recycling and donations at the waste collection centers on campus.

Volunteers organized by the Sanctuary help prevent goods from making their way into the dumpster, instead helping to put them into the hands of local organizations like the Food Bank, Angel's of Hope, Eco Groovy Abundance, and the Raven Project, as well as composting and recycling. Last year volunteers from the Sanctuary helped divert over 30,000 pounds of waste!

Girls Self Defense

Started in 2018 by several of our neighbors, this program offers women’s self-defense trainings for girls in grades 7-12 (ages 12 to 18). These trainings vary in length and format, but are situated within a feminist empowerment model that recognizes the nature of violence against women and girls and gives a framework for understanding the culture of violence that can impact their personal safety. Trainings build self defense knowledge and skills in a holistic way that incorporates physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social/cultural components, with the aim of empowering girls to be fully participatory members of the communities in which they live.