Community Supported Art

The Community Supported Art (CSA) program at the Sanctuary, modeled after similar programs used by small farms, cultivates a mutually beneficial relationship between artists and audiences. Shares are offered for the Spring (March-May), Summer (June-Aug) and Fall (Sept-Nov) seasons, with the option of participating in one, two, or all three of the available seasons. CSA members receive one piece of artwork each month for the seasons they are enrolled in, with three unique artworks in each season, totaling nine in the year.

In previous years, members have received ceramic bottles, handmade books, framed block prints, and metal jewelry. The artworks created are a reflection of the lab facilities housed at the Sanctuary, and the participating artists are part of the volunteer team that offer low-cost services to the arts community in Arcata and beyond.

Local CSA members can pick up their shares at the Sanctuary during Arts Arcata on the second Friday of each month, or on Saturdays between noon and 6pm. Mail-order CSA members will have their shares safely packaged and shipped monthly via the USPS.

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