J Street Regulars Radio Hour Poetry Special

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

J Street Regulars Radio Hour Poetry Special 

with Katy Gurin, Jenny Brown and Emily Stebbins

Eulachon Poetry Host of old Katy Gurin is back with her friends Jenny Brown and Emily Stebbins for an evening of poetry.  Live on the Sanctuary’s Youtube and Facebook channels from 7-8:30 pm.

 Radio Hour Host James Zeller will be opening with new original songs with special guest Katie Belknap and will be accompanying Katy Gurin.

Katy Gurin is both an environmental engineer, an award winning and published master poet.  She co-founded the climate activist groups 350 Riverside and 350 Humboldt. She has worked as an engineer on projects throughout California, including the restoration of Wishon Quarry, the decommissioning of the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant, and the removal of San Clemente Dam. She lives in Eureka, CA and works as a senior analyst on the Humboldt Regional Climate Action Plan.

Emily Stebbins is a poet from New York, currently living in Eureka, CA. She studies geology at Humboldt State University. She has tried to be things other than a poet, but poems are most persistent. 

Jenny Brown is a professor in the English Department at HSU with a focus on reading and writing for social change.  She has been published in various publications.

J Street Regulars Radio Hour is sponsored in part by Humboldt Folklife Society, the Grace Us Foundation and listeners like you.  To support this program in arts in community, please go to our donate page.

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