The Sanctuary hosts Open Lab every week on Saturdays from 12 to 6 pm or by appointment.

In an attempt to make artistry more accessible to the general public, the Sanctuary provides essential resources that would not otherwise be available to artists and makers with limited space, tools, or knowledge. During Open Lab, the public is invited into our studio and workshop spaces, where they can explore and create with the guidance of knowledgeable technicians. These spaces not only inspire art-making but also the restoration, recycling and repurposing of old materials, modeling a lifestyle of waste-diversion and prevention.

Open Lab payment options Cost
You are comfortable with the equipment and have received orientation $5 per hour
You need one-on-one assistance with a new skill $10 per hour
Punch Pass during Open Lab hours
$60 for 20 hours
Monthly Pass (The Local Artist-in-Residence Program) $100 per month

Arrangements can be made for special projects, i.e. t-shirt printing or zine making, during other times with lab technicians available for hire at $20 an hour.

Scholarships are available for individuals who write a one-page letter explaining what they want to create, modify or repair. Letters of request can be emailed to or given to a lab tech during Saturday lab hours.


We have industrial serger, walking foot and straight stitch machines as well as a variety of domestic of sewing machines, a cutting table with mat and hand tools alongside notions, thread, and an assortment of scrap fabric. Whether it’s for a costume creation, pants patch, or a quilting project, we are happy to assist with your sewing project. Every second Sunday of the month is Sewing Night when from 6 to 9 pm you can join in on a sewing circle with extra hands-on-assistance and refreshments available.


Featuring three manual throwing wheels, an electric throwing wheel, and a low-fire kiln, our ceramics area is an integral part of our programming. Come and explore our collection of glazes, molds and low-fire clay options. Kiln firings happen on an as-needed basis, please contact us in advance if you have any questions.


Our print lab features a 4-color silkscreen printing carousel, photo emulsion UV screen burning set-up, Mac Pro computer with laser jet printer, table top etching press, and a Challenge Proofing Letterpress with both lead and wooden type. Inks and paper supplies are included in your lab fees, and silk screens can be pre-prepared for your project for an additional $10 per screen.


Bicycle repair and maintenance is one of our passions, and we hunt all over the county for parts and supplies to regularly maintain a variety of commuter, mountain and hybrid bikes. Both metric and imperial tool sets are available for lab participants to use in-house, whether they are preparing for the Kinetic Grand Championship or just got a flat tire around the corner.


Our workshop has both hand and power tools to assist you with your woodworking projects, including files, drills, saws, adhesives and stains. Household repair projects are a snap with our collection of fasteners, plumbing connectors, electronic parts, soldering irons and sanding equipment.

Small Metals & Jewelry

Our jeweler’s bench includes all of the saws, files and soldering supplies needed for small metal works in copper, brass, bronze, silver or gold. A plumber’s torch is available onsite, and an acetylene torch is available for special off-site projects. Please contact us for additional information.


We strive to prevent food waste and address food waste on a daily basis. We receive farm seconds, farmer’s market leftovers and neighborhood food surplus and dry, preserve or redistribute. Our large gas stove features two ovens, and we have a multitude of canning, baking and cooking tools and cookbooks at your disposal. Please contact us in advance if you have a large cooking project which might require a kitchen rental.


An organ, piano, and several stringed instruments are available for visitors to experiment with while they are here for Open Lab. Our space also features the donated music collection of Brooks & Carol Otis, which includes jazz, blues, country and traditional American music on CD, cassette and LP. This extensive library is presented for one’s listening pleasure while here at the Sanctuary.


The Sanctuary library covers an array of subjects from art, music, history, travel, cooking, horticulture and repair. Feel free to read any titles from our upstairs selection while here, or browse our miniature “lab tech” selection found under the downstairs podium to learn more about the tools and art disciplines one can use while at Open Lab.

Book Arts

Hand-bound books are a tradition we hold dear, which is why we expanded our collection of equipment to include a book press, paper guillotine, industrial stitcher, and paper making assembly. Combined with the letter press or computer, one can create an entire book here at the Sanctuary from start to finish.

2D Arts

The two-dimensional arts covers our painting, collage and drawing supplies, all stored in our expansive 7 foot work table. Paints, paper, pencils, inks, stamps and more are provided for free, alongside canvas and wooden panels which are for sale at low cost to our users.


A wide variety of silly hats, fancy jackets and accoutrements are available to wear during rentals, parties, or performances at the Sanctuary. Please keep costume items in the building so that we can properly care for them.