The Sanctuary hosts a varied concert season of visiting and local performing artists, with approximately 10 concerts held each year. The music featured is eclectic, with performers from all corners of the musical world having graced the stage.

The Great Hall, which seats 90, is equipped with stage lighting, a full PA system, a Steinway upright piano, and backline amplifiers and drums. Drinks and cookies are served during concerts in the adjacent Meeting Room. Except in special circumstances, there are no presale tickets, and concert goers pay a sliding scale donation at the door.

If you are interested in performing or having a performer you represent at the Sanctuary, please send an email to with audio or video samples, and the dates you would like to perform.

Since space is limited in our concert season schedule, interested performers may also rent the Great Hall and host their own event. Click here for more information about Hall rentals.


The Great Hall is equipped with a recording studio, based around a vintage 16-channel Yamaha mixing board. The hall can be used to record a solo artist or large ensemble, with musicians spaced throughout the room. A collection of different microphones capture the sounds, and the recordings are made and mixed on a Macintosh computer running Logic. Additionally, there is an Otari 4-track 1/2 inch tape machine that can be used for tracking and mixing.

To learn more about recording at the Sanctuary, send an email to Daniel at with a description of your project.

To listen to music created at the Sanctuary, visit


  • 5 dynamic microphones
  • Steinway upright piano
  • Hammond Organ
  • Yamaha M1516 16 channel mixing board
  • Otari MX5050 4-track reel-to-reel deck, 1/2 inch tape
  • Berhinger interface
  • Macbook
  • 3 wide diaphragm condenser microphones
  • 2 small diaphragm condensor microphones
  • 1 ribbon microphone
  • Vox tube guitar amplifier
  • Roland cube bass/keyboard amplifier
  • Ernie Ball electric bass
  • vintage upright bass
  • Danelectro electric guitar
  • Taylor dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • Flinthill 5-string banjo
  • Lira accordion
  • Micro-korg synthesizer
  • Various vintage keyboards


The Sanctuary is proud to house the American Traditional Music Library, which began in 2015 when our neighbors Brooks and Carolyn Otis generously donated their collection. The Library contains histories, biographies, sheet music, CD's, & LP's, telling the story of jazz, blues, folk, country, and everything in between. There are listening stations in the Great Hall beside the bookshelves, and in the Dining Room downstairs, where recordings can be enjoyed and studied.

Musicians interested in researching American musical history, learning tunes, or hearing source material will find a wealth of valuable information in this collection. Check out the collection during events at the Sanctuary, or stop by during Open Lab on Saturdays from 12 to 6pm to dive deeper.


If you are a musician in need of a space to meet with a group for rehearsals, the Great Hall and Meeting Room can be rented by the hour at a discounted rate. To inquire about availability and find out more information about rentals, click here.