Room Specs and Inventory

Great Hall

The Great Hall is a performance space that comfortably seats 90, with flexible seating arrangements. It is an ideal venue for live music, movie screenings, fundraisers, weddings, memorials, and presentations with AV needs. The Great Hall houses an art and music library, bay view windows with colorful curtains, and a rotating gallery of exhibiting artists.

Great Hall Specifications:

  • 21 pews and couches seat ~90 people (seating is flexible)
  • Stage is trapezoidal: 8′ deep, 17′ wide in front, 6′ wide in rear
  • Optional fireside arrangement for more intimate or acoustic performances

Lighting equipment:

  • Lighting board
  • Lighting instruments
    • 2 Fresnels
    • 4 Ellipsoidals
    • 2 LEDs

Sound equipment:

  • Two house speakers (Bose 802s) and a Bose subwoofer
  • Two monitors with QSC USA1310 amplifier
  • 16 channel vintage Yamaha board
  • Two ART XL231 EQs
  • PreSonus ACP88 eight channel compressor/limiter with noise gates
  • Six microphone stands (four boom and two straight)
  • Six dynamic microphones (two Shure PG58s, two Shure SM58s, AKG C1000S, audio technica 220XL)
  • Two wide diaphragm condenser microphones (Blue Baby Bottle)
  • Two small diaphragm condenser microphones
  • Two DI boxes (CBI DBGL Pro)
  • Microphone snake with 24 inputs
  • ACER video projector & screen


  • Tuned Steinway upright piano
  • Yamaha drum kit with cymbals
  • Backline Vox guitar amp
  • Backline Roland bass amp


  • 3’x6’ table and 2’x4’ table in the hall (moveable)
  • Home stereo available for use in southeast corner
  • Drinking water station and reusable cups upstairs
  • Moveable bar with pint jars and bus tubs available for use

Meeting Room

The east facing Meeting Room comfortably holds up to 20 people and hosts a changing gallery exhibit on the walls.  The pocket doors can all be closed off to provide an intimate setting for meetings, support groups, music lessons, and more.  

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is a multi-use space which houses a large work table, sewing machines, musical instruments, as well as a collection of CDs and records.  There is room to arrange tables for meals, workshops, art parties, and meetings. The space can accommodate up to 40 people.


The Kitchen contains a two bay sink, a commercial range (2 foot griddle, 6 burner stove, and double oven), and multiple surfaces for prep and service.  An inventory of dishware, kitchen items, tables, and chairs are available for use.


  • 35 folding chairs
  • 10 wood chairs
  • 3 2 x 8 foot folding tables
  • 1 3 x 3 foot folding table
  • Bus tubs
  • Pint jars for cups
  • Water station
  • Large bowls
  • Several platters
  • Serving utensils
  • 2 gallon hot water dispenser
  • Place settings for 90 people
  • 100 dessert plates